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Suicide Risk Assessment - Getting a good night's sleep

Suicide is a complex issue with biological, genetic, social, cultural and environmental factors. It is a topic relevant to all clinicians. Two thirds of patients who complete suicide have seen a physician in the month before death, mostly GPs. more >>

SOME THOUGHTS ON SUICIDE: How do you go about detection in general practice?

Dr Peter Klug, Consultant Psychiatrist and VMO, Mood Disorders Unit,
Northside Clinic, Greenwich.
The phenomenology of suicidal assessments is more complicated than meets the eye. As a psychiatrist I know that it is vital to always ask about suicidal thinking but what is the best way to go about it in general practice? more >>

Medical innovation in Psychiatry

By Dr Stephen Hook, Consultant Psychiatrist
Psychiatry is a discipline that is in great need of innovation.
Pharmacotherapy has been a series of variations on themes that have existed for over 50 years and the pace of new drug development has dramatically slowed in recent years. more >>

Is there good evidence for alternative therapies in depression?

Ralf Ilchef, Consultant Psychiatrist, Northside Macarthur Clinic
The short answer is no, not really. As a common disorder with a high placebo response rate but relatively low full remission rate with conventional therapy, depression is a magnet for dubious and overstated claims of effectiveness for a wide array of interventions. more >>

First interview is crucial in dealing with eating disorders

Dr Geoffrey Buckett MBChB FRANZCP Dip GINZ
General Practice is real medicine. I have always believed that real medicine is more an art than a science. The art of medicine is essential to the health of the community. more >>

Challenges in treating eating disorders

Eating disorders are amongst the most challenging of illnesses to treat and in recent years increasingly prevalent.The medical and psychiatric nature and the long time course are problematic enough for health services to accommodate. more >>

"My brain made me do it" – Reflections on the Disease Model of Addiction

By Dr Stephen Hook, Consultant Psychiatrist at The Northside Group
I’ve never worked with rats (well, not of the rodent kind) but we should thank them, as they are the animals most frequently volunteered for research into the effects of alcohol and other recreational drugs. more >>

Treating Substance Abusers With Antidepressent Medication: Is There A Point?

Dr Anthony Sams BMed FRANZCP FAChAM, Regional Medical Director, Drug and Alcohol Services, The Northside Group.
Patients with substance use disorders will often present with a variety of psychiatric symptoms, most commonly in the depressive and anxiety domains. Whether to treat these symptoms remains a controversial issue. more >>

How can I get my patient off Xanax

Dr Anthony Sams BMed FRANZCP FAChAM, Regional Medical Director, Drug and Alcohol Services, The Northside Group.
It is not uncommon for new patients to report having been previously prescribed benzodiazepines for anxiety management; or to notice that what had been a planned brief prescription has become prolonged; or that the patient has escalated the dose (often via consulting with other practitioners). more >>