Northside Macarthur Clinic
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How Easy Access works

Phone EasyAccess
Transferred to Admissions Call Centre

Admissions staff are very experienced nurse clinicians who are available to answer any enquires from both the general public and from doctors. We give priority to incoming calls from doctors so please identify yourself as a GP. If all operators are currently taking other calls your call will divert to the Receptionist where a message will be taken and your call returned, generally within 15 to 30 minutes.

If the Admissions staff are not able to accommodate your patient at Northside Macarthur, in some instances there may be availability at Northside West, Greenwich or Cremorne. If this is acceptable your patient may be able to transfer to Northside Macarthur when a bed becomes available.

The Admissions staff must speak to every patient coming in to the Clinic for assessment/admission to ensure they fully understand what they are agreeing to.

Our call centre operates from 8.45 am to 4.15 pm, Monday to Friday. Admissions calls received after 4.15 pm Mon-Fri and on weekends, will be taken by the After Hours Supervisor and passed on to Admissions staff who will return your call first thing the next business day.

In order to expedite the screening process thus ensuring your patient is assessed as quickly as possible, our risk assessment check will require you to answer a few questions. The more information you or your patient can provide, the faster we can arrange an assessment/admission.

We will need:

  • detailed history of patient including:
    • aggression or violence;
    • suicide attempts or self harm;
    • substance abuse; and
    • level of mobility in elderly patients (NB: patients need to be self-caring).
  • private health insurance details. We can check the level of cover and advise patient of any out-of-pocket expenses